2018 Exhibition – Salon des Refusés 2018

Salon des Refusés 2018

2018 Flyer to PRINT - Salon des Refuses - Side 22018 Flyer to PRINT - Salon des Refuses - Side 1

In the tradition of the 19th century Parisian Salon des Refusés, Happenstance Art & Framing Gallery presented the 7th Salon des Refusés: Exhibition of Artworks Refused from the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

Our annual extravaganza of artworks missed, unappreciated, misunderstood or sacrificed at the last minute by the Royal Academy Selection Commitee this year featured over 100 UK and international creators across a range of art forms. This was a unique chance to appreciate non-establishment and democratic art.

Exhibition open to the public:
7 June – 6pm-9pm – RSVP
8 June – 10am-9pm*
9 June – 10am-9pm
10 June – 10am-5pm

7th of June is the First Thursdays event with live DJs.
The evening of Friday the 8th of June was for the Opening Reception with complimentary drinks and late opening.
*Ticket only 6pm-9pm