Live transmissions

Visual art and electronic sounds at Happenstance Gallery
Sunday 5th February 2023
4 PM – 9 PM with live performances from 5:30 PM

RSVP required

Scipop – Science Fiction Pop Art – is the alias of London-based Nazar Ali Khan, who uses digital and traditional techniques to produce art that positions itself as part of, but also part of the fallout between, modernist and popular culture. Active in design on the music scene over a number of years, Nazar’s recent works, exhibited at this event, centre around themes of transience and transition, as explored in the music of his own techno alias Stray Transmission.

Stray Transmission
Stray Transmission emerged on the London sound art scene with live performances that pitched the incidental yet dreamlike soundscapes of field recordings against the repetitive beats of techno. Developing into a fully hardware-based techno act in live performance across gallery
and music events, Stray Transmission continues to navigate an area somewhere between dance music and sound art.

Paul Khimasia Morgan
Paul Khimasia Morgan is an improvising musician, recording engineer and visual artist who has worked with Steve Beresford, Faradena Affifi, Blanca Regina, Richard Sanderson, Jason Kahn, Christian Alvear, Ryu Hankil, TIDES and Mark Wastell’s THE SEEN. His recordings have been released by Minimal Resource Manipulation, Lonely Impulse, Linear Obsessional, Cronica, Con-V, TSOKL and Confront Recordings. Paul also writes about new music for The Sound
Projector magazine.
“…feedback-like tones rising carefully amid a cloud of metal thorns…” – Byron Coley in The Wire magazine.