Dictating to the Estate – Documentary Theatre Play

Is this the best we can do?

Happenstance Art and Framing have donated 30 artworks to help raise funds for release of this new documentary play, recalling the events that led up to the Grenfell Tower fire of June 2017.

Using contemporary blog posts, email correspondence and council reports, it tells the story of the refurbishment of the tower and of residents’ attempts to hold the contractors and local council to account. At the same time, it places this conflict in the wider context of the redevelopment of North Kensington, relating it to local people’s efforts to resist the privatisation of their public spaces and the dispersal of their community.

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Playwright and author Nathaniel McBride and director Ryan Kiggell with their amazing team have already made an enormous effort to create this play to raise awareness about the events that led up to the Grenfell tragedy. All they need now is a little bit of support from everyone of us so that they can deliver this play to wider audience. That is why we are giving away 30 artworks to those generous of you who’d like to donate and support.

View donated artworks below. Each artwork has description with suggested donation in it. You can view the actual artworks at Happenstance framing studio (by appointment) or just browse below, donate and let us know which artwork you like, and we’ll give it to you as a thank you for your donation.

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The play will have its first two public readings at the Playground Theatre on 26-27 January 2019. View this event on social media





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